Red gerbera macro fun

In pursuit of colorful flower subjects, I went shopping one day and got this gerbera. I am sure it is certified organic, even it is did not come from the farmers market. Just joking.

For roughly a $1.5 I had an afternoon of macro fun. I set up the studio on my East facing desk. The gerbera was placed in the tall glass bottle for firm support. I needed a tripod that time, to achieve the depth of field I needed for the shots I had in mind. I tried recently some shallow depth of field flower shots, and it worked just fine. The truth it, it won’t work for every shot, and this sessions was one of those in need a solid camera support for f/36.

In this image I wanted to play with the curvy petals, show those interesting, dynamic lines reaching out from the center. I thought the point of view was also placing accent on the small, middle petals, which usually are not noticed at all, and here are more prominent.