Red Kodiak

When I was posting the AirCam image last Friday, I looked through the archive of my sea base images. There is quite a few panoramas, we take one each year we go there. And one of those is printed real large and hanging on a wall. But I could not find my all time favorite. I discovered that I have not posted it yet!

For once, although it is my favorite image from sea base, I am not the one who took it. It was Tomasz, exploring sea base last year, when he went to the AirVenture by himself, and I was stuck back in Poland. Secondly, it is rather difficult to take a clean image of an airplane anywhere during AirVenture, or any air show for that matter. There are people, pilots, other airplanes and stuff, everywhere.

Yet, I am just coming back to this image. The red and white frame make this aircraft stand out from almost any background. Contrast it with the green surface of the lake, and add some reflection in the water, and it just have this look. I would be almost willing to crop it so nothing else is there, just the surface of the bay.