Red rock in box canyon

A long time ago, I discovered totally by accident blog by Randy Langstraat. Cannot recall what brought me to it, but I stayed. What drew me to it, I never get tired of watching the photos taken around Utah and South-Western Colorado, red rock and breathtaking vistats. I honestly envy him living so close and being able to just go out for weekend to Moab, or Arizona for that matter.

Reading his most recent posts, with beautiful abstract and texture images from Coyote Buttes I remembered few images I took on recent trip to Colorado National Monument. At the end of Alcove Nature Trail there is a box canyon, surrounded by the walls like the one on the image. With harsh midday sun outside, there is enough light to photograph inside and create those abstract images of lines and textures.

Is it just me? Or can you see an ear in the rock? Can you see the print of the hand?