Restaurant’s interior

Photographing interiors with a fisheye lens is incredible easy and fun. You can get the whole large room into one frame. There is just one small problem, called lens distortion. With Nikon 10.5 mm fisheye, running the Photoshop CS4 lens distortion filter twice at maximum value was not enough to fix the curvy corners. Even if I payed attention how I placed the lens for the minimum distortion before pressing the shutter. Nope, it didn’t help much. Some, but not much.
Anyway, I thought I might look some other solution (and CS5 have not been announced yet when I was first working on the image ;) ), so I did quick and dirty Google search for a better tool. PTLens showed up, and I downloaded the trial (I understand it will process only 10 images) and indeed, it seemed to make better job in just one pass. I also lost more of the original image in the corners, and decided against trying to clone it out. It only looks easy.