Rush and static

We have been looking for a background for Monday portrait, when we wondered into Coralville Dam area. The water had brown tint, and was of no use for that purpose. But I decided to take another try on photographing the icicles formed by water rushing from the dam. I have tried this photograph many times before. But it never looked right. For once, to slow the water, I needed a really slow shutter speed, and I hardly ever have a tripod on a simple outing like that. This time I used a fence to stabilize camera and take several consecutive shots, hoping to be able to pick the best. Secondly, I really do not like this particular orange-brown color, I am not even sure where this color comes from in the water. I turned the image into Black & White, and then added a subtle tint of blue in highlights and yellow in shadows to accent the contrast between rocks and water.