Rye intimate

It was a very nice evening yesterday. Still high eighties close to sunset. And not even a breeze to interrupt my handhold shooting. I couldn’t ask for a better weather to go out and finally have a session with those ears of cereals in the fields close by my house. The light was deteriorating quicker then I expected, and in no time I went from f/8 to f/4.5, which was effecting the aesthetic but at least prevented me from ruining the shots by shaky hands.

I was not really interested in converting any of those images into black and white. But they turned out to be almost monochrome anyway, with the non-descript color of the ripe cereal. I admit, it was an afterthought yet the conversion helped to reveal the long hair of the ear and sperate it from the same colored, messy background.

Can you distinguis the second ear, same shape, behind this one? A bit lower, in the middle of the frame.

And if you want to learn more about better converting images into black and white, see yesterday’s review of Guy Tals newest e-book.