Shaker village

Last spring, right before I started a new job, we took a few days of vacation. We drove down to Kentucky, visited Lexington and also ventured out to Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. Fascinating story of religious community that survived 105 years despite discouraging the members to marry and procreate. Right now, it is a place with a hotel, a restaurant and plenty of interesting corners to photograph. I do not think I have seen Jean Schnell “Meetinghouses” body of work in LensWork, issue 130 before visiting, but for sure it has inspired me to put those images together. Her work was in color, yet I decided I can create a different, more matching to what I experienced there, mood if I use black and white. The most surprising thing for me was, however, seeing that all those images were taken with my iPhone! Please click any of the image to open a larger version, and to scroll through the gallery.