Should “no jets” be a deal breaker?

This weekend, Airventure has started in Oshkosh, WI. While for few more days I am still busy at work, I am planning to be there at the end of the week. But many people who were coming to Oshkosh previous years to watch airshows and breathe in the spirit of aviation will not be coming this year. Why? Since, and I quote,

“there will be no jets”

When I first heard it, from a friend of mine, it stopped me in my tracks. I thought, “well, so what?” but rather quickly forgot about it. And then I saw it again, in comments to one of Moose Peterson on his G+ site, and it made me realize that actually there is more people who seriously think that.

I mean, really, jest are only one small part of the airshow. They are loud. They are fast. Raise your shutter speed (since there is no need to freeze the movement of the prop anymore) and hope you press the shutter in time to catch the jet ;). Not even much skill required.

Are they fun to watch? Probably, but so is so many other planes, some also flying in exciting formations, and some presenting amazing skills of individual pilots in aerobatics. Newer and older, military and civilian aircrafts, the whole nine yards. I go there to see them all. Imagine giving up on going to the airshow because a Stearman will not be flying this time. Or a Panzl S330…

The speed -two Panzl S330 airplanes during Quad City Air Show 2013