Some more on art and greart photographs

Lat week, I read two interesting posts, adding some thoughts to the topic of great picture I tried to tackle some time ago on this blog.
One of them, written by Syd Weedon’s from Shutter Priority blog analyzes, as I tried to do, some of the best know photojournalistic images, including “Migrant mother” of Dorothea Lange. And although I do agree with many of things he said, I do not agree with his absolute dismissal of an image, like landscape or flower, on the pure basis of those typically just being “pleasing to the eye”.
The second article, by Mike Moats from Tiny Landscapes, provides a little bit different perspective on those pretty pictures. His style of photography, macro of nature subjects, often results in abstract images, where all is about shape, and color. Those images are also just pleasing to the eye, but he considers more artistic. What you would hang at home versus what you would find in gallery or museum. I don’t necessarily agree with his separation. And I suppose neither would qualify as “great photographs” by Syd Weedons.
Would that imply, that great photographs and photographic art might be two separate things?