Spider plant

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Sometimes, I am having hard time deciding, which season is the season for green. Spring should be full of green, but in fact all the plants and trees are blooming. There is yellow forsythia and delicate white flowers of fruit trees and shrubs. Then, summer comes, and green grass turns into burned by sun yellow stalks. And the only colors are garden flowers, not so popular where I live- maybe some pansies, begonias and such.

The most reliable greens are home, where I have rows of house plants on the window shelves. My favorite is the spider plant- plant so tough, that no amount of abuse, watering too much or too little, too much sun light or too little, nothing kills it. It just divides and spreads, from one pot into good 10 right now. It is also a fascinating photographic subjects, rendering interesting abstracts, like the one here.