Still life with azalea

I discovered this image by accident yesterday, and was quite surprised it was not posted on the blog yet. I took this scene at the Wojslawice Arboretum on our recent trip to Poland. This time, we were at the right time in the area for the rhododendrons to bloom- it is what the garden is mot famous for. Indeed, there were sufficient rododendrons there to satisfy out esthetic cravings- all the colors and types.

To bring even more people, they prepared some exhibitions for weekend, combined with plant sales and all this stuff. It was a part of an exhibit, a neat garden scene with antique kitchen items and beautiful rododendron plant.

I have not posted any Lensbaby images recently, but it doesn’t mean I have not been shooting any. I am still struggling some with getting the main subject in sharp focus, although photographing a larger scene like this rather then intimate macro makes a bit easier.

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