Stock update

It seems that I managed to get something done in the last half of the year. I am slowly building my stock portfolio and earning on it a bit. As of today, I have 126 images in my BigStock portfolio (with no sale whatsoever :( ), 117 images in Fotolia (6 sales), 58 files on iStock (2 sales, which I am proud of), and my favorite- 104 files in Shutterstock portfolio and 48 sales. WoW. This last stock agency is doing very well for me. I am very happy with sales numbers, and although I am not making big buck on it, hey, it’s a start!
I read somewhere that with Shutterstock it is a vicious cycle, in the sens that you have to submit a lot and often, to keep sales. I don’t see that really. But when I looked at numbers, it seems that my sales are increasing as my portfolio grows, and sales are going up faster then the number of images I present :). I was submitting a lot in May, and now it goes much slower. Probably because I had a batch of images tested in other stocks to submit quickly in May, when after 3 months of trying they finally accepted me as a contributor. I was off to a good start.

Meantime, I already have a most popular image of mine. With 12 sales in the two month period, I think it can be called a best seller :). And this is true, that you never know what will turn into a great selling image. I have a number of food and object shots on white background, which sell well, but my most popular image was made on a family outing.