Sunrise at North Window

I just recently have spent a week of vacation in Moab, utah. It is, for sure, one of my top places for vacation. I tend to come back with tons and tons of images. Not this time, though. I feel there are several reasons for that. First, I wasn’t there for just regular vacation and not for photography time, but for an off-road driving event. And I have a few really great action images. Secondly, my expectations for images are higher now, and not many photographs shot in midday sun will make the cut. Bottom line- maybe 3 or 4 images will eventually make it on the blog.

Today’s image is one of few I took on early morning trip to Arches National Park. I used to like this place a lot. Probably because I visited it in off-season, colder months before. This time, as you can see, even before 7 am it was crowded. Luckily, for the image I wanted I was not bothered by the people stopping to look at the rising sun right in front of my lens. Which was rather difficult to avoid, have they knew I was working with a fisheye lens (now for sale, if you missed yesterday’s post).

The fisheye lens allowed me to show almost whole arch, standing just a few feet from it. This was the only way to stress how the rising sun slowly and selectively lit the rock, at the same time showing the colorful horizon. Probably the most moody image I shot on that trip.