Sunrise over Lake of the Ozarks

Sometimes, I read a post on somebody else’s blog, and I see an image which reminds me of something I shot a long time ago and buried in Lightroom catalog. That happened couple of days ago. After reading article on Digital Photography School – what an irony, the article was about revisiting old images – I remembered this sunrise image.

It was a quiet early morning during our most recent vacation in the Lake of the Ozarks. We stayed in a resort on the Lake, with its own marina – and a view. I woke up early, needing to pack all our stuff and pick my husband up from hospital on the way back home. He needed to stay overnight for observation after a mishap in the park the day before. Maybe not the best end of vacation, but I probably would not be up as early. I was drinking my morning coffee, observing the scene develop and eventually set up the tripod to photograph the scene. Why I never did anything with the image? It must have gotten crazy afterwards, new images piling up on top of vacation photos, and it waited to be discovered just now.

Sunrise in Kapilana Resort, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri