Travelling the countryside

I am starting to embrace the iPhonography more and more those days. You can prepare to see iPhone images on the blog again more often. Maybe not systematically, but more often. I think the work of Robert-Paul Jansen, collected in this post, inspired me to go back and give it a try. And it proved again to be fun and liberating. I not only watch out for photographs around me wherever I go. I also follow up on the best, just by taking out the iPhone and capturing the fleeting moment. Like this one, on the way back home on Saturday. I noticed how interesting shadow our car casts on the fields in the late afternoon soon. Few tries, until we were passing the farm, and I took this image.

And if you are still not convinced to use your camera phone to record the photographs happening around when your DSLR is at home, read this article on iPhone photography by Mike Panic on LightStalking.