Urban birds

I was working recently on a photography series or a project. I had to go back through my Lightroom catalog and find images which could be shown together by subject matter, mood, post-processing. This useful exercise is not as easy as it may seem. When you look back at your photographs and are trying to tie them together, you deal with images shot on various days, in different locations, and also your mood or technical abilities were different. I think I started with maybe 25 photographs, hoping to get project of 5, and ended with 3. They are connected by subject matter – birds, interacting with human-made object, placed on white, blown out sky. This last idea came to me from post by Scott Kelby few months ago, where he shared his series of photographs monuments on “white seamless”. Click on any image to open larger version in the Lightbox, and as usual, if you want to leave a comment or connect, visit Korwel Photography Google Plus or Facebook pages!