Vintage kitchen

When in New York City last week, I was looking for lesser known museum and places to visit, places I have not seen yet. The heat was unbearable, and I I just had to cool down from time to time. This is how I found the Merchant House Museum. In fact, I almost did not find it, I passed it twice and it was so barely marked I went right by it. Desperate, I went looking for the building number and finally had luck.

It is a very interesting, if not forgotten place. The five story building is preserved with the furniture and decor, but also clothing and other every day objects left by five generations of the merchant family occupying it since 1835. For somebody interested in seeing how people used to live, like me, it was a treat.

I did not take much photographs. As you can see, light was not all that great, and Nikon D300 was not made for ISO 3200. However, I really liked the light in this kitchen scene. It reminded me of classical paintings like those of Rembrandt, with play of light and dark. It suited well the vintage kettles on the stove and traditional loafs of bread.