“Vision in motion” by Trevor Meier – a review

Craft and Vision released today yet another e-book. This one is different from the previous releases as it introduced a new subject to the site. It is not a book about photography, but about a video. And this is a good news.

Today, each of major DSLR manufacturer has a camera recording video in their offer. In many genres of photography, still images, even the greatest, don’t cut it anymore. Photographers needs to embrace something called convergence or fusion, to create the multimedia content. But it requires gaining a new skill- shooting a motion story, which can be quite different from what they normally do.

On only 20 pages of “Vision in Motion”, Trevor Meier skillfully summarizes the most important points in building a good movie. The book is well organized, and divided in three chapters, Story, Sequence, and Technique, each loaded with practical information and tips to get you started. The familiar to still picture professionals topics, like exposure control or focus, are discussed in a new way and attention is directed on how they differ when shooting video. The author also mentions things photographers normally don’t need to worry about, like recording sound, and gives advice on necessary equipment and accessories. It is a great book to get you started on recording your first digital video.

Here is what David du Chemin says about the new release:

Vision In Motion is an introduction to digital video for stills photographers. Written by Trevor Meier, both a professional stills photographer and film-maker, this eBook discusses the core issues of motion storytelling.

No doubt about it, video is an entirely different medium than stills photography. It’s a different language spoken with different technology and created with different processes. For digital still photographers there is often a great deal of cross-over, but without some help things can easily get lost in translation. Join Trevor as he takes you through the core issues and sets you on the right path to beginning to put your vision in motion.

So go and check out the “Vision in Motion” e-book for yourself. For the first few days, you can use the promotional code MOTION4 at checkout to get the latest e-book for only $4 OR use the code MOTION20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more e-books from the Craft & Vision collection. They are all well worth the price (they are actually worth far more, with all the tips and great photographs). They are also presented in a very portable, PDF format, suitable to be read on iPad, laptop or desktop computer, great to buy for yourself or for somebody as a present.

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