What’s inspiring this week

Chef view of food photo shoot

Books and chocolate proceed my passion for photography, every time. In fact, I do have another blog, focusing solely on reviews of the totally random books I am reading, called Phonebook Blog. The premise of the blog name is that I can read just about anything, with perhaps the exception of phone book – unless it is the last book standing.

Recently, I read pasionately cookbooks. And I do not think there is anything wrong with me, it is just that cookbooks change. It is not enough to provide recipes anymore, you need to throw in the mix stories that go with that food as well. In case of “The new Midwestern Table” by Amy Thielen, it turns out the photography matters, too. I was studying the book and researching Amy on the Internet, when I found this You Tube video. I watched with great interest how a chef is talking about shooting photos for her book, styling, light and props. Afterwards, I went back to the book and pored over the images, trying to match the scenes in the video to the actual images. Doing that, I quickly found not only food is on the pictures in the book – there is plenty of nature and regional scenes. The book really gives a feel of Midwest.

I only had access to electronic book. I do not know how large the images are in hard copy, nor how well they were printed. For a cookbook it was, however, a great photographic experience.

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