Where are you with your photography?

I read recently a great essay from Alexander Buisse about stages of photographer’s life. It was part of the free e-book released last week by Craft & Vision. The essay resonated with me on so many different levels. Starting from looking back to how I started, from out-of-focus bull-eye centered compositions most of my life. Until four years ago, I got my first Nikon D40x as Christmas present. I spend next half a year at least, discovering basics- aperture, shutter speed, rule of thirds. And sometime then this blog started, to keep me accountable, to get me going. I was shooting all the clich├ęs, just because I had a camera and I could, hoping I can do it differently then anybody else. Then was a gear period, when all the filters, lenses, flashes and bunch of other stuff was purchased. The only pitfalls I avoided during any of those times was getting into forums and Flickr- neither was ever appealing to me. But this limits the amount of feedback I am getting on my images.
The question is, where I am now? I shot all the obvious things, and I am more and more critical of my images. I am looking for purpose in all of it, for project, application. And hope to develop my own style- I don’t see it yet.

What is your story?
And if you have not yet downloaded the newest, free Craft & Vision e-book, head over to their site now.