Where the geese come from

Those geese have their story. For couple of weeks now, I heard and saw them flying above our house. Just few of them, or a large flock. I was wondering, if they are just in passing, but it was happening to often to be that. They had to live somewhere around. And I wanted to find them.
Yesterday in the afternoon, I got tired of sitting on front of computer and working on images for stock. I took camera and went to the city park nearby. Not the one I went last week, though. I parked the car, and then I saw them. Quite few of them, in fact. I got a little bit excited, but from where I was, I didn’t have the best nor closest view. I went around the lake.

Meantime, small groups, two or free geese, where taking off, flying in the neighborhood, and coming back to sit on the lake. What a great photo opportunity. If I only had time/remembered each time to switch autofocus into Continuous :(. Plus, I am still shooting on manual, and I was photographing trees and flowers on my way, so my exposure was not exactly right sometimes. Bunch of not so good photos. That is what happens when you are multitasking :). But at one point, something must have spooked the geese, as they exchanged some geese messages, and took off. All of them at the same time. I was ready for them, thus the image below. But it was end of the session for that day. I was in the park for another hour, but they dod not come back. Well, now I know where they are. Till next time.