Where the passion lays

Just a couple of weeks ago, I read a great post on Faded & Blurred, one of my favorite blogs right now. This quote really made me think about my photography as well as blogging:

If photos you put up on Facebook or Flickr or Instagram were left uncommented on, or if every one of your blog posts went unread, would you still be shooting?
Nicole Rae

It is a very powerful statement. Would I? Could I, in hiding, take photographs and just store them like Vivian Maier, for years?

Or opposite, what would she do, has she lived at times of blogs and Social Media? Would she still not share her work with anybody, even complete strangers in the Blue Nowhere of Internet?

I guess it depends how you look at sharing. Is it for appreciation, or fame, to have people talk about you or your photographs? Or is sharing giving something to people, enhancing their lives by showing my way of seeing the world, evoking emotions, presenting nature’s beuty? It does not have to be egoistic, I think. And in so many ways things can be shared nowadays, why not do it, even if just a handful of people check your blog or look at your G+ stream?

For me, blogging, as small as it is, keeps me going, and was the push to shoot from the beginning. The idea of setting this page was to share, and having the platform to share was motivation to shoot more. I came a long way with my photography, and not as much with blog. But it is photography what I enjoy doing, I think I would do even if nobody read the blog. I would not close it all the same.

How about you? Why do you take photographs? Or are you visiting this blog just to look at them?