Winding down the Farmers Market season

In two weeks, there comes time for 10th anniversary Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. This year, I will be leading a walk downtown Des Moines, at the Farmer’s Market.

I personally consider Farmers Market one of the most exciting places to photograph. All those colors and objects, all in plain view, waiting for you. Just take a look at the collection of images I took over the years.

I am sure I am not alone in this opinion. However, when I went out to look for some articles with tips on the Net, I was quite disappointed. All good ones I found talk more, as I would myself, about photographing produce. I wonder where are all those street photographers who wander every farmers market I ever visited? Even on Valerie Jardin’s blog, all I could find were selections of the merchandise photos…

Brian Matiash’ guide to photographing at farmers market (@Photofocus)
Digital Photography School 7 tips to photographing markets (in general)
Inspirational collection by Valerie Jardin

So, no tips for street photography type of images at farmers market, at least not today.

And meantime, there are still spots available for my Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market walk, so if you are in the area on October 7th, I invite you to go to the walk website and sign up. See you there!