Windy day

This image of black eyed susan is the result of my frustration.
This year, I planted some wild flowers around the house to focus some more on macro photography, and don’t need to look for subjects. However, I planted them on the Western side of the house. Whenever I went out with tripod and camera to shoot, there was a breeze. If there wasn’t a breeze at that moment, it would come momentarily. It was almost no day without the breeze whole summer.
One day, instead of working against the wind, I decided to work with it. I closed my aperture all the way to f/32 and resulting shutter speed of 1 sec. I framed horizontally to include some of the background, which, also due to wind, ended up being just an abstract of surprising colors. It almost looks like violet, but there was nothing violet behind this flower….
Just a reminder of summer in the first snowy day this season.