Winter in Santa Fe, NM

This year, we spent Thanksgiving in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I was very excited about the trip for several reasons. I really enjoy the Four Corners for the views, hiking trails and for the climate. After few weeks of unfriendly weather in Iowa, it was so good to be outside all days and also evenings.
I was also looking forward photographing colors of the Southwest. I was hoping for colorful houses, interesting art displays and plenty of plants. Not exactly what I found. Clearly, even in the desert there is a progress of the seasons, and this clearly was the time for the rest. Everything was even more barren than just the desert normal, and quite similar to what’s in Iowa. High grasses and leaf-less trees. The art galleries were more posh than approachable. And rather than full of color, all was beige, including stucco houses.
The images in this post was all the color I saw. While I am happy with them, and they summarize the place quite well for me, I wish there was more.
The one thing I did enjoy immensely was the food. I never had so much chili in such short span of time. From soup to hot chocolate. Red and green.