I wanted to take a photo of winter scene with trees in fog for a while. This time, it was not a fog, but the snowstorm was limiting visibility and creating similar effect. I drove past the scene- and turneb back to photograph. I thought it was an easy shot. The troubles started when I opened it on my computer. The scene was grey. It was the combination of wrong exposure and wrong white balance, and I had no clue where to start fixing it. No eyedropper to help in this case, white balance is “mathematically correct”. This time, curves came to rescue and Target Adjustement placed first on sky (up) and then on trees (down). In two strokes the image looked far better. Added a bit of blacks and adjusted white balance just a pinch into blues, and it looked far better already. A bit of sharpening and clarity, and ready to post.
I like the two lines of trees on this photo, they add depth to the scene. Also, take a look at the road- the “lines” of snow is snow blowing in strong wind.