Worldwide Photo Walk contest entries

One of these days.. this blog will be back to some regular content. I know it will. I already take far more photo that I took for last two years, and I will need to start unloading them from my hard drive somewhere. Meantime, just a short note. The image from Amana, IA walkers can be viewed on this site. I am going to make the choice of the winning one over next few days. With just two, it should not be an overwhelming task.

Choosing my own image to submit for a Leader Contest was also not a lengthy task. I spent most of the time talking with the participants, some of which are, you can call them, regulars :). Time passed quickly, and not many images were taken, at least not on my part. I think this one, if nothing else, is kind of funny. Let’s see it it resonates with anybody. Here are all the entries– I believe this contest will be subject to public vote.