To New Year

Following what almost everybody else is doing on their blogs today (and it seems like everybody is posting today, I spend hours just reading new feeds), I want to wrap up this passing year for myself. This was my very first year of seriously taking photographs. The Nikon D40x showed up in my house last Christmas and I took it as The moment to finally start doing what I was thinking probably for many years- be serious about it. So I took the Nikon, started shooting, at the same time educating myself- reading books, magazines, blogs, listening to podcasts, and then shoot again, and getting better with it each day. I looked at some photo from last winter, and it was like: “how could I take a photo like it! It is so overexposed”. Well, I looked at a photo from few years ago, and it was “how I could take so unsharp photo”…

My blog was following me through my trip into photography most of the way, as I started it in May. It looks like I posted 145 entries during that time. What is more important then this statistics is that my photographs were part of two contest entries, and both of the entries were the winners! I wrote about first one in November, and I am planning to write more about the other when it get published on the net, which should be in just few days. It gives me more motivation to go on with what I am doing.

Happy New Year everybody. So that the New Year was at least as good as the Old was…


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