Acrobatics in Aviat

I take a lot of images during air shows. From AirVenture each summer in Oshkosh I can come back with few thousands images, easily. Even after cleaning up from all not sharp enough or from too far. But still, it is really hard afterwards to choose from those images those which speak to the viewer. All the acrobatics in the air look totally different in live show than on flat image. When the noise of the engine, music, crowd enthusiasm is gone, many of them are just an image of an airplane. Nothing unusual about it.

It is even more difficult to produce an evocative image when the weather doesn’t cooperate. It is nice when there is a few dramatic clouds in the sky. But in reality, it is either clear or totally covered sky.

What saved this image is the smoke trail behind Lucas Oil Aviat, piloted by Michael Wiksus. It shows you where the airplane was just seconds ago and how he got into the place it is now. You can imaging what happened, and it tells you the story of the air show pilot and his show.

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