2nd place in Class 18

Today, was my big day. We drove all the way to Des Moines to the Photography Salon, part of the Iowa State Fair. We went to see which of the images I carefully chosen, printed and send out for the contest got displayed in the show. There were four of those this year- “Beauty and the Beast”, “Pizza night”, “Going up” and “Quiet evening on Lake McBride” which were found worthy displaying by at least one of the three judges (and superintendant). Interestingly, out of those, only two were voted for by you, the readers on this blog. My bet was on the “Grass in the wind” for award, but I had a feeling if any, “Going up” would be displayed.

What is more important than having four images in the show is the fact that one of them won an award. And again, I went up from last year achievement. To my surprise, the “Beauty and the beast” won a 2nd place in its class, “Animals, Insects and Wildlife”. I showed this image on blog back in February, although it was taken previous May in Pella, during the Tulip Festival. I had just purchased the 85 mm macro lens at that time, and, as they say “when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, I was just photographing everything small enough and from up close. I caught this little guy on delicate petals of orange tulip quite by surprise. Added appropriate crop and got a reward! As a side note, there was a monetary prize attached to the 2nd place winning, too, a nice touch.

What now? I am alraedy starting to wonder, how I am going to top it up next year?!

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