“A Deeper Frame” by David DuChemin – e-book review

Today Craft & Vision released a new e-book. This one is written by its founder and prolific author of many other e-books in the collection, David DuChemin. As he says himself, it is his first e-book after a half of a year break. A lot happened during this time, including his proclamation that he is done with talking about “vision” and his unfortunate fall in Italy and long hospitalization. It was interesting to anticipate the e-book, trying to guess what it is going to be about.

“A deeper frame. Creating deeper photographs and more engaging experiences” is more in the tone of “Ten” and “Drawing the eye”, the very first Craft & Vision e-books then it is like portfolios of “Venice” or “Safari”. It is a short, barely reaching 20 pages, single subject focused tips and techniques e-book. It still is about vision in a sense, just in more practical way. An expression, as he calls it. Author tackles the subject of depth in the photographs. And it is not the philosophical depth of feelings or emotions the photograph elicits, but literal depth of perception, added dimension. Something which draws the eye into photograph, provides reference points, shows scale, vastness, distance. If you want to see by yourself what difference it makes, just look at the photographs at page 3 and 4. They just by themselves explain the concept to its length.

A lot of points described in the “A deeper frame” are common-sense things, known for ages, especially to painters and people study art. But having them laid down in front of you makes it easier to realize them and putting in use.

In the following chapters, author enumerates the different ways the depth can be achieved. He explains using converging lines of perspective, different lenses (both focal length and parterre settings), color or light. I really like the concept of three-dimensional rule of thirds!

All of those techniques are accompanied by examples from David DuChemin’s portfolio. The e-book is illustrated with images from his archives, although you will see a few newer works. Some of them presented as full page spread, let you enjoy the detail and colors of his photographs, always a treat. Additionally, each technique is also followed by creative exercises by which you can explore the effects yourself for better understanding and easier remembering.

Overall, “A deeper frame” is a very useful, pithy but exhaustive e-book. It describes in detail the tools needed to achieve a single effect in images. Great for both amateurs and professionals, putting the advice from the e-book to work will help tremendously transform the flat, two-dimensional images into multi-dimensional story-telling frame.

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