Ace and orange ball

My “365 project” is going strong, however early in the year it is. I am slowly transitioning from “let’s see what I find today” to “how about I photograph this”. I am starting to come up with creative ideas, with some help from various photography sites and forums publishing assignments.

The idea for this session came from assignment on Photography BB forum- “Out of focus”, and whole discussion of taking out of focus picture. While most of the time, out of focus image with totally nothing in focus works, I went for something else. I wanted my main subject, in a sense, my cat Ace, to be out of focus. You still know what it is and what it is doing. I wanted to place focus on his toy- an orange ball, which by its bright color will center viewers attention anyway. No selective color here, Ace is black and white and the carpet is non-descript brown. Worked put perfectly.

The trick was, of course, to make Ace even want to participate in the shoot. My cats are usually gone the moment I pick up the camera. But his love for cat treats is larger then anything else!

Ace with orange ball

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