Angelfish in aquarium

I hardly believed it is possible to take a good photo of fish in aquarium. They aquaria are usually kept in dark lit interiors. Plus, you have not only muddy water, but also a layer of glass between lens and your subject. Well, last trip to zoo proved me wrong. The only real problem was keeping the focus in right spot with a wide open lens (f/2.8). At the same time it gave an incredible lack of depth of field, which is really defining this photo. My 30 mm f/1.4 from Sigma finally starts to be a lens of choice, as my success ratio increases. I also placed the lens as close to glass as I could (with hood on) and perpendicular to the aquarium wall. It greatly decreased the reflections of me and other zoo visitors in the frame, and what was left was very easy to clean up in CS5. Overall, my second favorite shot from weekend trip, just after the bird I put on blog last week.

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