Aviation Friday – History Formation

Aside from photographing air-shows, there are parts of it that I particularly like to watch. Patriotism aside, since I am not American, the presentations of modern and older warbirds are one of those. It is not only a tribute to the history, but also to the engineering thought to observe airplanes from various times, in the air, together. Here, we have Vought F4U Corsair on top, and then clockwise- F18 Super Hornet, Douglas A4 Skyhawk and T-2 Buckeye. Corsair was a carrier capable fighter from World War II and Korean War. F18 Super Hornet is still manufactured, carrier based fighter. A4 Skyhawk was carrier capable, but ground attack, used during Vietnam War and few smaller conflicts at the time. T-2 Buckeye was a training airplane for more then 60 years, replaced just a few years ago.

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