Be ashamed Scott Kelby!

I had a nice picture lined up for a blog today. But it upset me so much, it gets a priority!

A couple of months passed since my attendance in second Worldwide Photo Walk. I didn’t win the photo contest, but had a lot of fun meeting other photographers in the area. Until recently, I thought about this as of a great experience. But things that happened recently made me reconsider my future participation.

What happened? Scott Kelby joined spammers ranks and started branding junk emails offering different photography products. When I need something, I look it up in Google, compare prices at leading internet retailers, check reviews on blogs or boards. But I never get influenced by emails sent to my Inbox. Mostly because they end up in trash as fast as they get there (if my Spam won’t do it for me).

The question is though – are you really that greedy Mr. Kelby? Isn’t the money you already got from sponsors and the promotion you did for them during the walk enough? Do you really have to spam people to make ends meet? I went through what is available on the Photo Walk website and couldn’t find any, even in the finest print, information that Scott Kelby reserves a right to spam my Inbox indefinitely with mails trying to sell me something. My email address is as private as my SSN number and if I wished to give it to Lensbaby, Nikon, Adobe or whomever else I’d rather do it myself carefully deciding who is worth my trust. Apparently first point in the F.A.Q. stating that ‘Photo Walk (is a) social photography event where photographers get together’ should have added ‘and leaves their emails to Scott Kelby so he can sell them’.

I’m simply disgusted.

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