Blooming ficus

I have to admit I am liking the black and white images more and more these days. For viewing and fore creating. I noticed I process more images this way. Yes, there were occasional black and white images on the blog all the time, but I think it happens more often now. Maybe it is because I look at more black and white images, for my “Exploring masters” series for example (here are links to the first and the second posts, and a new one coming up this weekend!). Or maybe this is my style developing ;).

My thinking about black and white images changed after reading Guy Tal’s “Creative B&W processing techniques”. And it was not only because I learned few more tricks for getting more and better of black and white images. Previously they tended to be flat, lifeless, and I typically needed to tone them to look better. Also, and I cannot find one paragraph in the e-book which made it, I started to look at my images differently. I still do not shoot for black and white, most of the time I do not think about it. But when i open my Lightroom library to pick image for blog, I look at it and wonder if it would look good without color, or maybe I can make it better, stronger. If I feel I can, I would convert it. And I really enjoy the process.

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