Aviation Friday – Boeing 787 in the sun

I am seeing more and more sun flare and overexposed parts of portrait, shot against the sun. I actually like them, most of the time.

When I was looking for the image for today’s blog post, this shot from last year Air Venture caught my eye. It reminds me of those portraits in its lighting style. All I needed to do was to increase the contrast on the fuselage, and the image turned into this very bright, make you think of summer image, with delicate lens flare (can you see it?). The centered subject flies under the sun, and you can see it reflecting in one of the engines. The colors are washed a bit, and I have not tried to bring them back, thinking it would spoil the effect.

Would I like to fly in the Dreamliner? Not at all, But is fun to watch and photograph from below.

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