Chicago – another look

I would like to take another look at the same scene as yesterday’s. This one was not take with dSLR at all. When I was busy shooting 5-frame HDRs with my D300, my husband was standing next to me, shooting with his iPhone. He has a number of photo apps on it, and enjoys using them. We recently read about the HDR app for an iPhone called HDR Fusion, which revolutionizes iPhone HDR. It takes two images, one exposed for highlights, one exposed for shadows, and seamlessly combines them. The appropriate regions are picked automatically, or you can point them.
The blog image is thus a very well rendered HDR, created in the fraction of the time. The limitations of the iPhone created a different view on scene as well. While I cropped tight my yesterdays city scape, and isolated only the well lit area, here is more dramatic, wider view. You can see both sun light skyscrapers and parts of park still in shadow under dark clouds. Well, this might be also coming just from difference in vision…
Well, here you have it- same scene, two photographers, two different visions and gear.

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