Church in Pieszyce

As usual, after reading a new e-book, I needed to try out what I learned “The power of Black and White in Adobe Lightroom & Beyond” which I reviewed on blog a couple of days ago is focusing on creating black and white images, and tweaking them almost to death with all the adjustments available in Lightroom- White Balance, Black & White Mix, all the local adjustments. So when I found this image and decided it is appropriate for B&W, I started to think how it can be processed. The focus of the image is on the bright blooming canola fields and on the white church. I needed to keep these elements light and darken everything else. I used graduated filter on the sky, and added a brush on the mountains. Auto Black & White mix was a great starting point for the final touches in this panel. And the sky? Well, its typical Polish sky- cloudy, gloomy, but at least offering some structure.

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