Cutting board- image remake

I was reading the Outdoor Photographer magazine the other day, and I noticed this stunning image as part of the Lensbaby new Tilt Transformer system. The image was taken by Tyson Robichaud, and I was able to find a link to the image on his blog (the exact image is part of Lensbaby gallery, but it cannot be linked). I had been doing some other work in the studio that day, and decided I want to recreate the image, take my twist on it. Not to be tempted to copy it exactly, I put the magazine away, get my husband’s Santoku’s knife and tomato he cut to my specification, and went to work. Mind you, the original was shot with Tilt Transformer, not the Composer, so I spent some time changing apertures to get the effect I wanted. Not too blurry, not too sharp. Eventually, f/5.6 did the trick.

For comparison, here is my another favorite shot. It was done from different angle, a bit closer cropping (more my style, I think), and aperture of f/2.8.

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