Daffodils and finding consistency

My photography takes a back burner a lot this year. Partially, because I need to put a bit more focus into my day job. But partially, I need to decide in which direction to go.

In this moment, I do not have a good portfolio of my best images. Yes, I have a store with some of my favorite nature shots, and a collection of aviation images. Even those two things do not tell the same story.

I am sure I can pick 10 great images out of everything I have in my Lightroom library. The biggest problem is that those images need to go together, be connected by somehow. I have a few good landscapes, few good food images, many plants, fruits, airplanes, cars… Just about everything. And I just cannot decide on focus, or develop a project. So far, I am just taking any occasion to take photographs. When I go to airshow, I photograph airplanes. I go to the National Park, I photograph landscape. I go for a walk in town, I take flower/plants/sky photographs. I am just an opportunistic photographer.

Until I figure out what it is that I want to photograph most, I cannot get really good at it nor build a concise portfolio. Let alone taking any real steps into monetizing it. So, back to thinking – what would it be I am most passionate about?


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