A couple of days ago, we just went out for the evening walk in the neighborhood. It was a nice, spring evening. I just put on my sweater on and took off. No wallet, phone, and certainly not my camera.
I regretted it as soon as we hit the fields. It was right about sunset, and the light was just gorgeous.
Well, out of us two, my husband at least had his phone with him. He allowed me to have it for the walk, so I could start harassing all the dandelions.
I like recently creating those sun flare images. They are nice during the day, but at the golden hour, they look amzing with the warmth added to the light.
The only downside of this phorto session was it was done with iPhone. Not only the white balance required quick adjustment. The overall quality of the images was medium, at least. Although the close up of the dandelion came out surprisingly crisp, I felt I needed to reduce the maximum size of the images for a better viewing quality. I like spontaneity of iPhone shooting, but I am not going to hang them as canvases on the walls anytime soon!

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