Dew on red tulip

Something delicate and simply beautiful is what I needed today. My house looks like a battle field. We wanted to get a new couch, and ended up renovating whole living room-kitchen area. After a week of total mess in most of my place, I am hitting bottom low of my optimistic attitude towards this project. One more decision on color or shape, and I will put everything as it was.
Back to the flower. This is another from Pella Tulip Time festival series, where I went with mt freshly purchased macro lens. I am still grasping the shallow depth of field in close-up photos. I like that the background to the left is out of focus and presents itself only as color. But I do wonder if more of the left sied of the tulip should have been sharp. The right side came fantastically in focus, making an image pleasing overall abnd getting it a pick and publish status. What do you think? Is there enough in focus in this image?

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