Downtown explorations

Downtown Chicago
Downtown Nashville

One of my favorite projects when I travel into metro area is to study reflections of the buildings in the other buildings, abundant especially in modern downtowns (or business areas in the suburbs). Surrounded by buildings built from steel and glass, you can create beautiful abstracts, combining new and old buildings, simple geometrical forms and more elaborate features. Almost any light is amazing, even in the middle of the day at the foot of the building you can find at least partial shadow. The repeating patterns, the distortions formed by angles by which buildings are oriented to each other – there is no lack of photographic subjects.

In last month, I had a unique chance to spend few days in Chicago,afterwards in New York and later in Nashville. I made sure to keep an eye out for scenes to add images to this ever growing project. Here are few of my favorites.

Why not black and white you could ask? I think all those images would be equally successful if converted. I have not done, though, to enjoy, subtle in some of them, contrast between lit by sun, warm light and staying in shadow, cool in tone parts of the reflections. It adds some interest…

Old and new - Downtown Chicago
Triple view - Downtown Chicago

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