Evergreen and contrails

I really enjoy generating the HDR images back in Photomatix, after abondoning it for Photoshop for a while. With Tom Till step-by-step guide, which I keep handy, I stick to the same workflow, and it allows me to really focus on what I am trying to achieve with each adjustment rather then just randomly picking the next slider and checking, what effect it would bring. Today, I saw how the image changed when I adjusted black and white points, something I probably should do more often for my non-HDR images, too. While playing with Saturation slider, I was very surprised to notice how different light was falling between the branches- because it was only slightly different in tone, but it had distinguishably different color.
It is a very simple composition, but there still seem to be two elements competing for being the main subject. The snow-covered, crisp needles of the evergreen are one. They really came out great with use of HDR, which shows details in both highlights and shadows, and no detail in their texture is lost. But there are also condensation trails left by the airplanes in the blue sky, with contrasting orange colors.

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