Everybody, meet Torie

I have a new cat at home. The second one. The first one, Ace, was featured several times on blog. Since, he grew to run the moment he sees me with camera in my hands. But he is overall not a big fan of me. The story is totally different with Torie. She doesn’t mind camera at all. She also follows me wherever I go in the house to sleep on my knees and be scratched on the head. As Ace, she renders beautifully in both color and black and white, with her rich patterns.

Now, I have used to post far more images from my iPhone. I stopped when the noise in those images started to bother me too much. But I noticed recently I am using my iPhone more and more as camera again. For example, many of my husband and I images we send home are taken with iPhone. They are simply good enough.

So now, when I am sitting on the sofa, Torie sleeping on the blanket on my laps, I am snapping a picture, or two, with my iPhone. I hope those I chose on the blog today are a bit better then your average pet snapshots. I tried.

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