Feedback issues

Whenever I open the admin site of this blog to prepare a new post, I am checking if there are any comments to my posts. I believe there is a person or two checking this blog regularly (I know about one for sure :) ), but the feedback is so scarce, that I sometimes wonder why I am still doing this. Then I realize I do it for myself, and just continue on. But seriously, Google Analytics claims about 2-7 entries a day, about 2 on average. I wonder, how many are my own. The visitors spends about 1 min on the site :(. I need to work more on my content! I do not feel like going deeper into vast amount of stats on Analytics, after discovering that more then 70% of people visit my site once, and about the same percent stays there whole 10 sec.

Anyway, I decided to change my attitude towards other blogs, to increase my chances to get a feedback. I am starting a “one comment a week” pledge. I currently follow exactly 36 blogs, so there is a good chance I can say something about one post at least once in every 7 days. Let see how it will work out. This week I already commented twice.

For today’s post, a try on sweeping old-masters style landscape. Shoot in Mesa Verde National Park, it has summer on the mesa in the foreground, and winter in the mountains in the background.

View from Mesa

Click here to see the location of this photograph

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