Fireworks on the water

Today, it is the only day of the year with the firework show.

I really enjoy fireworks. Since I live in US, I am missing the New Year celebration, and even more- the Light and Music events in my area back in Poland many years ago.

Yet, I have to admit the no fireworks across the Pond come close to the 4th of July show in even small rural communities. It is a great fun to watch and to photograph. When you get pat the basic setting- f/11, bulb and a bit wider focal length to catch the action, you start wondering how to add interest. Include a landscape into composition, a lake, a building. Last year, we were on vacation on Lake Namakagon in Wisconsin- it was quite easy to choose a spot. I have a colorful reflection in the water and boats, floating freely while people watch the show.

This year, wish mi luck in finding a good spot in Iowa City.

And if you want to learn more about the technique for photographing fireworks, check out some of those great tutorials:

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– How to get perfect firework photo from Pixiq

Any resources I did not mention? Share them in the comments!

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