Flying off cardinal

This is my first film image I am sharing on this blog. From my firts roll of film shot with Nikon N65 on Fuji Superia X-tra 400 film. When I opened this image for the first time on my computer, I was shocked by sharpness, but also surprised by the amount of grain there is in this photograph.

If there only is any snow in winter, I love photographing birds coming to one of our feeders on the deck. We keep them full, and often also spill some seeds on the deck itself, to keep birds coming closer. It is a constant entertainment for our two cats when we are at work, and photo project for me on weekends. We used to have only sparrows, but after changing the seeds to something more complex, we get them all- cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches…

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Flying off cardinal (winter birds)

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