Friday textures

Thank goodness it’s Friday. I have not have such a helpless feeling of not being able to force to make myself to do just about anything in a long while. I am sure many factors contributed to it. Probably the most the amount of information heard this week, good and unpleasant events, which I still have to process. And the crappy weather, which reminds me more of Polish fall then Iowa spring. Add to that the fact we lazy overslept, and this image was about as much as I could get myself excited about. It is a simple, monotone texture of the fossil. I took it with a Lensbaby lens, making sure that impression of the plant is, at least partially, in focus. I turned it into black & white to reduce the effect of strong, yellow color, which did not contribute much. And added some tint to warm up the B&W- I recently do not like the impersonal feel of grays.

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